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Policies & Procedures

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Credit Application

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Here at Evergreen Tractor and Evergreen Heavy Haul, we take pride in our fleet and the work we do. To ensure that every rental goes successfully for all those involved, we ask that every prospective customer carefully read our rental and hauling, policies and procedures.

  • When requesting a machine, the customer must provide the following or have on file:
    • Credit Application: complete with references for our file.
    • Insurance Request: The customer’s insurance broker must fax or email the customer’s current Certificate of Insurance (COI). Commercial General Liability coverage with a minimum limit of $1,000,000.00 each occurrence and showing insurance coverage for requested rental equipment.
      • Please Note: Machinery DOES NOT leave the yard without this vital paperwork. Customer is required to provide the necessary insurance for the requested machinery.
  • Once the above information is received and verified, the customer will receive their Rental Agreement. Fill out the indicated fields within the request and return the signed copy via fax or e-mail to our offices. Once received, the customer’s requested machine will be placed on the reserve list for their specified rental date.
  • On the specified rental date, the machine is inspected and processed for out-going rentals. Current hours and state of the equipment are noted on the day the equipment is scheduled to leave the yard.
  • On the specified rental date either the customer or Evergreen Heavy Haul, will then transport the rental machine to its specific location as indicated in the rental agreement
  • When the rental is no longer needed either the customer or Evergreen Heavy Haul will return the rented machine to the Evergreen Tractor yard. If it is necessary for Evergreen Heavy Haul to retrieve the rented equipment, please call our offices to schedule a pickup.
  • Once the rented equipment is returned, it is inspected and processed . To avoid extra fees please return all machines with a full tank of fuel.
    • Please Note: Any damages noted on intake of the machine, will be charged and billed to the customer.
  • Along with any damages accrued during rental period, the customer will be charged and billed for any transportation of the rented equipment from Evergreen Heavy Haul.
  • All invoices will be mailed to the customers specified mailing address or(at the customer’s request) by email.
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